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Love Between the Spreadsheets

Data analyst Sarah Abrams recovered from her eating disorder, but when she gained the weight back, it cost her her fiancé. Now, trapped between crushing debt and a misogynistic CEO, she’s trying to formulate a way out of her rut. Although she’s a whiz at crunching numbers for work, they don’t quite add up in her personal life. In fact, the only thing emptier than her wallet and career prospects is her love life.

That is, until charming new hire Nick Jacobs starts at their quality improvement firm. Between his megawatt smile and a wit sharper than his chiseled jawline, Sarah’s ready for a romp in his spreadsheets. But when an assistant director position opens, and they’re both in the running, Sarah’s dream guy becomes her nightmare.

As Sarah and Nick trade barbs and banter, they can’t deny the tension growing between them. The fleeting rides in the elevator; their heated exchanges in the copy room. Soon, Sarah’s fantasies shift from strangling Nick to straddling him. With the promotion within reach, and Sarah falling for her competition, her margin of error is thinner than a sheet of copy paper. One miscalculation, and every aspect of her life will crash harder than an outdated version of Excel. Or, all her carefully crafted formulas might just hold up, and she could get everything she’s always wanted.

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