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Love Between the Lectures

Human Sexuality Professor June Wells is so close to being granted tenure, she can taste it. After six years on a probationary contract, there’s only one semester left between her and her dream. But just as she’s about to sign on the dotted line, budget cuts rock the campus, and June gets caught in the crosshairs. She’s appointed to mentor a fledgling professor assigned to cover a sex class. Worse? It’s Alex Cardoso, June’s former neighbor and childhood crush. She’s managed to avoid him for the better part of fifteen years, ever since the mortifying moment in high school when she propositioned him to lose her virginity—and he said no. Now, they’re stuck together like they’re coated in old lube.


As June and Alex struggle to find their footing both in and out of the classroom (not to mention their shared office), they’re tasked with hosting an event, requiring even more time together. Between an impromptu road trip requiring an overnight stay (in a room with only one bed), a sex toy expert who has eyes for Alex, and some very inopportune edibles, June finds herself falling for Alex. Again. Only this time, her heart—and dignity—aren’t the only things at stake. Not only could her dreams of tenure go up in flames, she could lose her entire career. Or, she could take a lesson from her own curriculum, and find love between the lectures.

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