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Finding Colette

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Since high school, Colette Williams manifested the perfect life—an ambitious husband, adorable daughter, and a craftsman house. And thanks to her rigorous planning, she was able to curate everything she ever wanted, down to the engraved silver napkin rings.

The one thing she didn’t plan for? Feeling empty and unfulfilled. With her workaholic husband living at the office and her daughter away at college, Colette is lonelier than a castaway on a deserted island.

Until her mailbox pings with a DM from a captivating stranger.

Soon, Colette finds herself immersed in an online relationship, obsessed with someone she’s never seen in the flesh. When he says, “let’s meet,” she sets her wedding ring on the dresser, ready to leave the past behind. But things aren’t always as they seem...and Colette should have been more careful about trusting a random stranger.

Finding Colette
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